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Feeling up to a bit of drysuit DIY? We have prepared these guides for your assistance:

Full instructions and pictures for removing a standard pocket and attaching a Cargo Pocket. This guide can be applied to changing various types of pockets.

Click Here

Full instructions and pictures covering the removal of a 'Warm Neck' and adding an attached hood

Coming Soon

Northern Diver offers a full repair and alteration service. Please check these prices and get in touch to book your suit in for work. 

All suits will be given a pressure test and general service, ie, lubricate valves, zip, etc. £25.00
Cleaning suit, if required £35.00
Fix leaks (per leak) £8.00
Neoprene/Latex wrist seals £37.00
Neoprene/Latex neck seal £37.00
Heavy-duty boots £70.00
Medium-duty zip £100.00
Heavy-duty zip £120.00
Front entry zip £130.00
Fly zip £65.00
Internal re-tape or polymer £80.00
Adding an attached hood £40.00
Increase body length £45.00
Widen arms/chest £68.00
Shorten legs (using existing boots) £35.00
Blank-off valve, inc. badge £22.00
Reposition valve with reinforcement circle or rubber backing pad £23.00
Fit Drager type cuff dump £20.00
Fit variable shoulder dump £40.00
Re-seat valve £10.00
Fit D-ring patch £15.00
Fit braces, including 4 attachment patches £45.00
Elbow pads (pair of Kevlar) £22.00
Bum pad (Kevlar) £25.00
Reflective Strips
4 small strips
2 Long strips

All other alterations P.O.A.

Normal delivery times are approximately 3 weeks. Alternatively, a fast-track service is available at an extra cost of £25.00 inc. VAT. This charge covers the cost of bringing in staff for out-of-hours work.

Repairs and alterations are carried out entirely at the customer's risk. No warranty is given except for material defects ... That does sound rather uncaring but we are obliged to state it. However, in reality, if there's a problem just talk to us because we will always do our best to be fair and give you what you need.

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