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Watertight Mobile Phone Case - Phone Remains Usable!

The new Phone Buoy mobile phone case is designed for diving enthusiasts. Due to its accordion-type construction and easy-to-change lids, Phone Buoy is suitable for nearly all mobile phones on the market.

The completely watertight and shockproof special case protects the mobile phone from moisture, dust and dirt. If accidentally dropped into the water, the case will remain floating on the surface.

The transparent and dial-through front enables the phone to be used in dirty or moist conditions. A Gore acoustic membrane over the earpiece area ensures sound audibility.

The case, manufactured from durable polyurethane plastic, withstands large temperature fluctuations. Phone Buoy's water resistance has been tested for 30 minutes at a depth of one metre.

The package includes the standard body as well as two lids and an antenna cap. This gives enough options to cater for most mobile phones.

Optional extras include belt clip and neck strap.

Colour options: Crystal, Citron, Aqua, Onyx Black

Material: Polyurethane / Polycarbonate
Outside dimensions: 130 - 170 x  72 x 42  mm
Inside dimensions: 128 - 168 x  52 x 27 mm
Weight: 65 - 72 g

Ability to float  with small lid max. 135 g



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