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welcome to northern diver
Northern Diver Vortex Drysuit
Dual Bladder Wing

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January 2002 Online shop success allows Northern Diver to begin offering free shipping to most of UK mainland.
January 2002 Northern Diver Online shop goes live. The most popular items in first week prove to be the Flectalon undersuits.
October 2001 Dive 2001 at NEC, Birmingham (UK).
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The Phone Buoy Mobile Phone Case is Launched.
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The New Flectalon 100, 200 & 300 Undersuit Range is Launched.
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The New Cortex Cordura Drysuit is Launched.
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September 2001 The New Sea Eagle Dual Bladder Wing is Launched.
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August 2001 The New 'Pearl' Compact Pressure Gauge is Launched.
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July 2001 The New SPX Thermalskin Undersuit is Launched.
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The New Northern Diver Product Catalogue is Published.
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June 2001 The New SPX 300 Flectalon State-of-the-Art Undersuit is Launched.
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May 2001 The New SPX HotMax Fleece Socks are Launched.
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April 2001 Pinewood Studios 007 Stage Uses Northern Diver Equipment.
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February 2001 Undercover Journalist Targets Northern Diver.
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December 2000 Fire and Rescue Team Take Delivery of New Drysuits.
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