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With the correct maintenance your Northern Diver drysuit will give you many years of enjoyable diving.

Having finished your day’s diving, rinse the outside of the suit thoroughly with fresh clean water to remove any dirt, sand or salt. Any stubborn stains can be removed by rubbing the area gently with soapy water. After you have rinsed out the suit, hang it over a drying rack or line in a shady spot.

After diving, always rinse the inlet and outlet valves with cold running fresh water. To flush the inlet valve, simply connect the valve to an air supply and operate whilst flushing the push button area with water. This will help prevent sand and debris entering the valve seals.

The drysuit zip seals on the inside teeth and rubber surface. The zip needs special maintenance and attention.

Zip - Before Diving
Close the zip and lubricate it with Northern Diver’s Zip-Lube.
A complimentary pack is provided with new Northern Diver drysuits. Replacements can be ordered from Northern Diver or your local dealer.

Zip - After Diving
The zip must be fully opened before attempting to remove your drysuit. Failure to open it completely may result in the zip being damaged.

Clean the zip by rinsing with fresh water. If the zip is particularly dirty with sand or dirt after diving it can be cleaned by using an old toothbrush and fresh water (mild soapy water can be used for heavy soiling).

Lubricate the zip with Northern Diver’s ZipLube or wax by rubbing the teeth and stringers before each new dive and after cleaning. A complimentary pack of wax/Zip-Lube is included with new Northern Diver drysuits. Replacements can be ordered from Northern Diver.

It is important to do this - if not regularly lubricated the zip may seize up and fail.


Clean the Latex seals using cold fresh water. Latex seals will perish quickly if any kind of moisturising cream, body oils or oil is applied to them. After dives clean the seals using mild soapy water to remove dirt and body oils.

Once the drysuit valves are thoroughly clean and dry and the zip lubricated, you should store your drysuit in a cool dry place away from devices that produce ozone such as motors and heaters. It is preferable that the suit is stored hung up with the zip closed.

If you have any questions regarding the use and maintenance of your Northern Diver drysuit please get in touch.

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