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A brief who's who - some of the people within the walls of Northern Diver . . .
Mike Armitage

CEO - Currently in retirement with a 26 year old unnatural blonde.
Ian Evans

Projects Manager - Often seen painted pink with yellow spots and falls about a lot.
Melanie Gildart

Sales Manager (export) - Floats like a butterfly, waddles like a duck. Likes toyboys.
Cathy Rooney

Sales - 'Handy' to have around when the party gets rough. Voted miss Luscious 1999.
David Witt

Managing Director - Grumpy banker with a penchant for loooose women.
Terry Cain

Field Sales Executive - Also social secretary, staff welfare, ex-Billy Smarts Circus, Blackpool.
Andy Bolton

Production Supervisor - More rings than a curtain pole.
Jean Wooding

Production Manager - Topiary expert and always there for the craic.
Christine Fitzpatrick

Company Secretary - Company gumshoe with obvious Scottish origins.
Carl Stevens

Warehouse Manager - Never complains, never smiles.
Neil Tordoff

Sales - Gel boy. A 'firm' favourite with ladies (and his mum and nan).
Jamie Slater

Sales - It's a pity he fell off his bike when a youngster and caught his nostrils in the pedals.
Sue Bains

Accounts - Shark bait when in black leather.
Janet Bolton

Quality Supervisor - Easily laid back when drunk.

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