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"... very easy to put on in confined spaces prior to cave diving and then easy to move around in. It's great for use in boats in bad weather too (recently wore mine for 14 hours and it was great!). I've just used it for a wreck dive and it was like I wasn't wearing a suit when compared to my neoprene drysuit. A superb piece of kit - I love it."
Steve Thomas, Cave Diver.

The Best Fitting and Most Stylish Membrane Suit

Vortex is a membrane suit that’s surprisingly comfortable and stylish. Made using an innovative pattern and soft but tough polyester Butyl laminated fabric.
With a tailored fit, it’s more stylish than the usual baggy membrane suits yet is still highly flexible. This ensures a variety of undersuit options can still be worn in tandem for greater warmth. An elasticated back-panel and elastic braces/suspenders add to the snug fit whilst traditionally weak spots have been given dual reinforcements for greater strength. Every internal seam is also double-glued and taped for extra durability.

Comes complete with a suit bag
Neo-vulcanised hard-soled boots
Latex neck and wrist seals
Separate vented neoprene hood
Bellows pocket on left with KN65 knife attachment loops (loops not shown in picture)
Northern Diver push button swivel inflation system as standard
Zip protection flap
Fitted with variable air exhaust valve
Available made to measure
Available off-the-peg in 11 men’s and 9 ladies’ sizes in black/yellow or black/blue

Custom fit is an option on Vortex. See standard size chart.

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