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"Thanks for noticing that my measurements were physically impossible. I re-measured myself and you were right. The suit fits like a dream and looks sooo cool. Did I mention it was warm and dry too? Thanks a million."
Mike Watson, Sport Diver.

Still setting the standards

Origin 800, the original Northern Diver drysuit, is still incredibly popular with both novice and experienced divers around the world. It is still the first choice for commercial divers.
Manufactured from 8mm XO grade neoprene, it features an extremely tough Armatex outer lining for added durability. And on the inside, the Ti-Ax Thermacote heat reflective lining helps keep you warm in colder waters. Being made-to-measure, you can be sure the Origin 800 will be snug, although you can opt for the commercial version which has a more generous fit. Available in all black or in the classic black body with orange shoulders and trim, it looks as stylish as ever. Heavy duty zip as standard.
With neo-vulcanised hard sole boots and Kevlar or rubber kneepads, it is durable enough to withstand years of action. The commercial version provides the added protection of steel toecap wellington boots as an optional extra.
One reason for the continued popularity of the Origin 800 lies in its great versatility.

The options include:
Choice of either a Northern Diver push button swivel air inflation system or a Northern Diver blowgun inflation system
Choose between an auto cuff dump valve or an adjustable air exhaust valve
Fly relief zip can be incorporated for greater convenience
Have either a separate vented wet hood with a face seal or an attached dry hood with a latex neck seal
Opt for either 2 standard pockets or replace one with a knife pocket
We carry in stock, for commercial divers and for immediate delivery, the following sizes: ML - L - XL - XXL

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