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"I've just completed my first weekend away with my new Divemaster and all I can say is wow! My old Northern Diver drysuit was a good companion for many years and was a hard act to follow but I really think this suit is the best I could have purchased. If it lasts as long as my old suit then you won't be seeing me for a new drysuit for some time (but I like the sound of your new undersuit range so I'll be trying one of those on soon!)"
Mat Stratton, Sport Diver.

The popular choice for quality and style

Divemaster sets the standard by which other sports drysuits are judged. From the same family as our Reefmaster suit, it offers you a little extra in terms of specification and options.
Its specially formulated 4mm hyper-compressed neoprene means real diving flexibility. So, when worn in tandem with any of the Northern Diver undersuits, you can use your Divemaster in a wider range of waters.
It has the outer durability provided by the heavy- duty pique nylon lining, whilst in your suit, the Ti-Ax Thermacote heat reflector ensures you remain warm in the most testing conditions. Available as a perfect fitting made-to-measure suit or in 11 men’s and 9 ladies’ standard sizes for those eager to make an instant splash, it incorporates a host of premium features as standard. For custom fit on stock sized suit see information on standard size chart.

A heavy-duty zipper that won’t let you down
Neo-vulcanised hard-soled boots that are very durable
A tool pouch with a knife attached
It comes complete with standard and torch pockets
Radar/light reflective tape gives extra peace of mind
Features a Northern Diver blowgun inflation system or push button swivel inflation system with hose and adjustable exhaust valve
KN65 knife fitted as standard

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