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"Thanks for all your advice and the choice of suit proved to be excellent. The CNX is so easy to move about in compared to my previous neoprene suit, I can actually bend down! You were right about the Flectalon undersuit too - I am warm and comfortable underwater like I would never have imagined. Thanks for great service."
Mark Wingett, Sport Diver.

The Ultimate in Drysuit Prestige

CNX2-RI represents the very best example of why Northern Diver drysuits rule the seven seas.

It’s probably the most versatile and hardwearing suit available to you. It offers the good looks of a neoprene suit allied to the comfort and flexibility of the membrane alternative. Add in every feature needed for rugged conditions that today’s discerning diver requires and you can see why it is the suit everyone wants to be seen in.

With its specially formulated hyper-compressed 2.5mm resin injected neoprene, the CNX2-RI is more flexible than most suits, making it ideal for general marine use. A heavy-duty Armatex style outer lining provides strength while the Ti-Ax Thermacote is an exceptional warm heat reflective inner lining.

Available as a perfect fitting, fully personalised made to measure suit. You can select your own combination of pockets and valves then have them positioned according to any individual preference.

An extra long, rear entry, heavy-duty zipper makes it easy to put on (a front entry zip is optional at extra cost)
Features neo-vulcanised hard sole boots
External and internal zip protectors
Ultra-durable Kevlar knee patches give added protection
Radar and light-reflective strips add to your safety
Your choice of inflation system and adjustable air exhaust valve
Includes a vented wet hood with a face seal
Available in flame red with black trim or black with flame red trim
Your name or organisation can be embroidered on the pocket in a contrasting colour
Options include fly relief zip and attached dryhood with latex neck seal combined, braces/suspenders, latex cuff ring system and optional dry gloves.

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