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Northern Diver, Stand 202
What can we say? An absolute cracker of an event. This has to rate as the best show for years. The atmosphere was superb and we can't recall the last time we met so many happy upbeat people in one place.

So what was it all about for Northern Diver? We worked around the clock to get our new line of products completed in time for the NEC and we pulled it off. An excellent team effort involving all the staff at Appley Bridge.

Our new Cortex Cordura Drysuit was an instant hit - keep your eyes open for divers in your club beginning to appear wearing these. They are going like hot cakes.

Also, the Flectalon undersuits proved to be as big a success as we had hoped - We were amazed at the amount of questions posed by interested divers and equally happy with the the number of those same divers who left the show being the proud owner of one of these fabulous new undersuits.

Other points worthy of mention are:

The old favourites were still wooing the crowds; Divemasters, the most successful drysuit, are still proving to be as popular as ever.

The Sea Eagle dual bladder wing. These were an instant success and this was the first time they had been seen outside our showroom at Appley Bridge!

The Phone Buoy - A waterproof and sand proof mobile phone case that allows you to use the phone while it is inside. Beautifully simple and effective. They were a hit before we even got them to the show - A description over the phone does enough to persuade divers that they need one of these, and at this price it's a bargain ...

The bags section proved to be as busy as ever. Divepacks are still showing that they are the ultimate diver's bag.

Not to be overlooked was our tombola. We had this idea that we could raise some money for Wigan Hospice at the show by selling 3 tickets for a pound to the show punters with the chance of winning from a selection of our products. Our good friend Mark Wingett, PC Carver in television's The Bill, agreed to run this for us and it proved to be more successful than we could have imagined. With only a momentary lull to take a breath, it was flat out for most of the weekend. The staff who worked with Mark on the tombola were more tired at the end than they would have been working in the shop area. So, how successful was it? The tombola raised over £1500 and also provided a lot of you with some very nice prizes.

To see more about the prizes and prize winners, click here ...

See you at the next Dive Show!

© 2002 Northern Diver (International) Ltd