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Northern Diver's reputation as one of the world's elite drysuit manufacturers has its roots in our genuine love of diving.

It's only because we understand your needs for made to measure and off the peg drysuits, undersuits and everything else needed to maximise pleasure and safety when diving that we've been able to develop such an advanced range and responsive customer service.

Consequently, we are now established as the most innovative, competitive and reliable name around. Which means you can look forward to years of enjoyable use when you take the plunge with Northern Diver.

Diving has developed dramatically over the past twenty years - Northern Diver has worked hard to help shape it. What has allowed us to make the difference is our broad range of experience and the innovative drive of the team.

We never get complacent. Our research and development is always consulting with divers like yourself to assess which direction to take the suits of the future. Using this feedback we look to improve the range by launching new products, embracing new materials and employing more advanced manufacturing processes and technology.

We were the first to introduce a made-to-measure service. We also led the way by understanding that suits should be developed as systems rather than individual items. Ti-Ax Thermacote, the thermal lining in neoprene drysuits is a good example of us addressing your needs. The latest
Flectalon state-of-the-art undersuits are another.

More than other manufacturers, we look at getting details right such as our carefully considered positioning of valves and pockets Adherence to such a philosophy is why, for example, our neo-vulcanised heavy-duty boots are considered to be the most comfortable and durable on the market. We insist all suppliers meet the same exacting standards. By working closely with them we have been able to develop components such as the market-leading swivel inflation valve - now a standard feature on all our drysuits.

Northern Diver is increasingly the choice of top diving personalities and commercial divers. The renowned life saving properties of our suits have been responsible for saving many divers exposed to extreme conditions. For example, experienced BBC underwater cameramen have used Northern Diver protection in Antarctica to isolate themselves from water nearing -2 degrees C. Commercial divers trust our suits on a daily basis. Cave divers use our suits in the extreme underground and unforgiving environments where darkness, cold and abrasive and sharp rock is the norm. And, of course, thousands of club divers the world over expound the virtues of 'our ultimate diving system'.

Whether you're taking a first dive in notoriously 'warm' British waters or a veteran of deep water expeditions, you need to have total faith in your drysuit. Northern Diver attention to detail provides you with this assurance.

The reason you can believe in our suits is that we understand the needs of divers. That is why we never compromise. Quality materials and higher than average specifications, allied to computerised cutting and skilled assembly ensure you get the suit you want.

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