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Welcome, and I hope you like our new website. As with everything we do, we try to give you the best that we can and endeavour to keep everybody happy.

Do you like a little bit of care and quality? Be it a new cooker or an item of clothing, there is no reason why that item shouldn't do what it is supposed to and do it well.

If you're going to do something, do it well.

This is how we like to think at Northern Diver and we spend many hours fine tuning our production processes and quality control to ensure that we produce the best quality diving equipment that we can. We don't stop there - price is an important part of any product and we make sure that our goods are priced competitively and realistically. This means that the result for our customers is the best they can expect at an excellent price.

What if anything doesn't meet with our customers high standards? We give you our no haggle, guarantee of service and quality. Just talk to us and we bend over backwards to sort it out. We have had to put our staff through Limbo Dancing lessons but they can now bend over backwards for you more than most people can, or would even bother to.

I like quality and that's the foundations on which I have built this company. I hope you agree. Let me know if you do. If you don't, I want to hear from you too and will be acting immediately on anything that you think can be improved. Drop me a line at

Have a happy and safe year's diving and let us know what you're up to - send us a postcard.

Best wishes
with love from Mike!
Mike Armitage
Northern Diver (International) Ltd.

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